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Cabinet Makers — Sydney

If you’re looking for professional bathroom, kitchen, or laundry cabinet makers in Sydney who can effortlessly transform your home, look no further than Aalbor Kitchens! With years of industry experience and a reputation for quality, you can count on us to provide the outstanding results you’re looking for.  

Turning Your Dream Home Into a Reality


We are a team of professional cabinet makers based in the eastern suburbs who have completed countless home renovation projects throughout Sydney, promising exceptional outcomes every time. 


Whether you’re hoping to renovate your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry workspace, you can trust  us to provide you with nothing but the very best. From the first time you contact us until the moment our work is complete, we’ll make sure you receive clear communication and incredible customer service the entire time. 

Our Process


At Aalbor Kitchens, we understand how essential it can be for you to understand our processes and what you can expect from our team. Not only do our cabinet makers take our Sydney customers through each step while they work, but they also take care to communicate their process before work even begins. To help you stay informed, we’ve taken the time to outline our entire process as clearly as possible below, from the first consultation to the final inspection.

The Initial Consultation


After reaching out to us, a member of our team will have a chat with you to discuss your request. We will organise a time to visit your home so we can assess the area you want to renovate, discuss your options, and provide you with your free quote.


Planning and Design


Once we have assessed your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom and taken the measurements we need, we’ll then begin the planning and design stage of the process. You’ll receive complete 3D drawings of your design within a few days to help you better envision how your finished cabinets and benchtops will look. Then, we’ll get you to choose your desired finishes before taking you through the final contract terms and securing a 50% deposit from you.

Disassembly and Removal


Next, our team of tradesmen will disassemble and remove your current cabinets, as well as any tiles and splashbacks that will be redone as part of our renovations. Before disassembling your cabinets, we will take care to remove and/or disconnect any appliances and services, such as: 


  • Refrigerators

  • Dishwashers

  • Sink taps

  • Washing machines

  • Gas outlets

Construction and Installation


Once the area is clean and clear, we will then deliver, construct, and install your newly made cabinets and benchtops. This is also when we will install any splashbacks, reconnect the services and appliances, and complete any tiling work that needs to be done. 

Contact Us Today


Whether you’re looking for kitchen cabinet makers in Sydney’s inner west, laundry benchtop designers south of the city, or bathroom renovators in the eastern suburbs, Aalbor Kitchens can help. Contact us to discuss your renovation project with our team and discover how we can transform your home today!

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