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the renovation process

Below is an example of the steps involved in a typical kitchen renovation. Please be aware that each project is unique and the steps and duration can vary.

the steps involved

1. After initial contact, an appointment is made with one of our designers to come and measure the room.

2. A quote is the sent to you within a couple of days, complete with 3D Drawings. Click on the examples below.

Example Quote

Example Drawings

3. After the finishes have been chosen and the terms of the contract have been agreed on, a 50% deposit is paid.

4. Our team of tradesman will then disassemble and remove all the cabinetry, tiles and disconnect any plumbing or electrical appliances.

5. Depending on customer choice, the floor will be either tiled or left alone.

6. The cabinetry and benchtop are then installed.

7. The splashback is then tiled or installed.

8. The plumber and electrician then will then reconnect any appliances, powerpoints etc.

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